Lose Weight and Get Toned with our Kickboxing & Fitness Classes

Martial arts is our passion and that's what our programs are built on.  Our goal is to share this lifestyle with you so that you too can gain energy, find long-term health & feel your best - all while learning practical skills. Kickboxing is not a quick fix and neither is your health!

We get it.  Your fitness is important to you and you've tried to make it a priority.  But you're busy and overwhelmed!  From household responsibilities to professional obligations, you have a lot on your plate and it feels like there isn't ever enough time.  You've tried various at-home programs, bootcamps, and gyms, but nothing ever sticks. You're tired of feeling tired, impatient, and being in survival mode.

You need something different!  But you're scared.  Skeptical of trying something new, only to end up right back here again.  You worry that you won't fit in, or that you are adding one more thing to your already full plate.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place!  It's time for a change!

You & Your Family Deserve to Get "You" Back

Our Kickboxing and Fitness program is designed to keep you fit while teaching your practical skills.  Trust us - you'll quickly forget that you're even working out!  We are here to help keep you on track and engaged long term.  And you deserve that!

Our Kickboxing and Fitness classes will:

  • Increase your energy
  • Tone your whole body
  • Tighten your core
  • Boost your strength
  • Build better agility and speed
  • Help you lose weight and keep it off
  • Build cardiovascular endurance
  • Keep you healthy for the long haul

Moreover, engaging in a high-energy sport like Kickboxing will have you releasing pent-up energy and give you a boost of endorphins (happy hormones!) - leaving you with more patience & presence for your life at home.

Included in Our Kickboxing and Fitness Program


Your attendance is closely monitored and you can be sure we will reach out to you if your attendance changes. Being consistent is vital in your progress throughout this journey in becoming your best self, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Progress Monitoring

Yes! Our Kickboxing program has clearly defined ranks to achieve and skills to be learned. Don’t worry - this doesn’t mean you need to strap on a helmet and get into the ring. It does mean you are always looking to improve your skills and learn new ones - keeping you engaged for the long haul. We track your progress individually and regularly assess you to ensure you are on track with your goals and are seeing your improvements.

Expertly Crafted Programs

100% Martial Arts & Fitness’ extensively thought-out and constantly improving curriculum is focused on building the correct foundations first, making sure that you develop the proper body mechanics and skills to train safely. Working towards your next rank keeps you excited and always thirsty for more.

Unlimited Weekly Classes

All of our membership options include unlimited class access so that you may work with your schedule to attend class 2 to 3 times per week. Martial arts is a lifestyle and sustainability is key for long-term success! Class passes and drop-ins do not provide the structure, consistency, and accountability that you need to reach your goals.

Supportive Community

Join a family with whom you can connect, have fun and feel both empowered and supported as you push the limits of your comfort zone.

Enthusiastic Community

Learn from friendly and experienced instructors ready to meet you where you are and help you at every step of the way.

Get Fit and Feel Great Again

Our Kickboxing classes bring kickboxing to new heights with its unique program using award-winning fight combinations and a unique ranking system. This elite program brings students' kickboxing skills and fitness to the highest level.

All of the following classes are included in the Kickboxing and Fitness program:

KickboxingKick Fit
An intense, fat burning, heart pumping, muscle toning cardio workout.  Increase your physical stamina, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. Kick Fit is essentially a Kickboxing class with an extra emphasis on conditioning!


Find a Better Way to Workout

Let’s get you feeling like “you” again. Make the move today and get started with the best Kickboxing and Fitness training in Ottawa, Embrun, and Nepean. To sign up or to learn more about any of the programs offered at 100% Martial Arts & Fitness, simply fill out the form on your screen now and a member of our staff will take it from there!

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