Melt Away Calories And Build Lean Muscle With Our Kickboxing And Fitness Classes

Test your skills with the best fitness program in Ottawa, Embrun, and Nepean at 100% Martial Arts & Fitness. Our Kickboxing classes combine kicking and punching combinations with cardiovascular training to give you a total body workout.

You'll see real results fast with these high-energy classes that keep you moving from start to finish.

Kickboxing increases:

  • Physical stamina
  • Muscle strength
  • Fexibility
  • And Coordination

PLUS you can climb the ranks with this challenging and fun workout.

Find Kickboxing Classes That Works Best For You

We're proud to bring you two different Kickboxing classes to help you meet your goals and keep you challenged while building dynamic strength and flexibility. 

The Kickboxing Program at 100% Martial Arts & Fitness includes 2 classes:

Kickboxing: The focus here is mastering the movements while developing speed and power. Learn important self-defense skills while still pushing yourself through an exciting workout.

Our Kickboxing classes bring kickboxing to new heights with its unique program using award winning fight combinations and a unique ranking system. This elite program brings students' kickboxing skills and fitness to the highest level.

Kick Fit: An intense, fat burning, heart pumping, muscle toning cardio workout. Kick Fit will increase your physical stamina, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. It is a challenging, exciting and fun workout.

Kickboxing Classes Offer Exciting Training AND Exciting Results

Our Kickboxing Classes work because they keep your body moving throughout. Don't rely on static workouts to show you real results. Challenge yourself with the perfect blend of strength and cardiovascular training.

With our Kickboxing Classes, you'll:

  • Build better speed and agility
  • Tighten and stabilize your core
  • Tone your arms, legs, and butt
  • Enjoy more energy in your daily life

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You don't have to suffer through miserable workouts that don't bring you results any longer. Our Kickboxing Classes at 100% Martial Arts & Fitness will help you stay healthier and happier for years to come. To sign up now or for more information, simply fill out the form on your screen and a member of our team will reach out soon!

Our kickboxing and fitness Classes Are Located In

  • Ottawa
  • Embrun
  • Nepean
  • Orleans

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