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  • Meet Adelle Johnson - July Student of the Month

    Meet Adelle Johnson - July Student of the Month

    Student of the month shout out goes to this quiet but fierce young lady.
    She challenges herself to try new things, is adaptable and meticulous in her attention to detail - all qualities that give her so much potential as a martial artist. Adelle - it is truly a pleasure to work with you and to see you growing and wanting to improve with every opportunity you take. Dream big and keep working hard. We know you will become an excellent black belt - both on the mats and in life! ....

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  • Student of the Month - Bravo Cynthia!

    Student of the Month - Bravo Cynthia!

    Thislittle yellow belt sports the brightest little smile and has a sparkle in her eye that reflects her intrinsic desire to learn.
    At just 7 years old, she is focused, positive, and consistent. She never misses the opportunity to do class and we love that in her! Cynthia tu es pleine de potentiel - prends bien soin de cette lumière qui brille en toi et n'aies pas peur de la partager! ....

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  • Meet Ryan Reid - Enthusiastic, Passionate & Full of Potential

    Meet Ryan Reid - Enthusiastic, Passionate & Full of Potential

    Ryan just recently joined the 100MA family and we couldn't be happier about the enthusiasm & fresh energy he brings to the table! He is all in - super friendly, always positive and so eager to learn.
    Ryan, you are off to an amazing start and we truly hope that this journey in martial arts brings you the growth, passion and community you are seeking. Thank you for trusting our team & keep up the outstanding work! ....

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  • The 3 Tiers of Inspiration

    The 3 Tiers of Inspiration

    I feel grateful! I recently was reminded about how fortunate I am to be surrounded by people that push me and inspire me in life and in martial arts.
    No matter what the problem is, I believe that people will always be the answer. People we surround ourselves with are the reason we get inspired to change, to overcome, to fight, to be better, stronger, kinder, more patient. If you know me, you might not expect me to say something like that - I am pretty introverted by nature. But I learned that there is a limit to what I can do alone, even and especially when it comes to personal growth, I need help and support. Inspiration is what I am talking about. That fire within you that keeps you ....

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  • Student of the Month - Marc-Antoine Landry

    Student of the Month - Marc-Antoine Landry

    This guy is ALL IN! An avid kickboxer, Marc-Antoine was inspired to join Jiu Jitsu after taking part in January's Master's Summit.
    And boy did he dive in! Already sporting a well deserved yellow belt, Marc-Antoine manages to train 4 to 5 days a week, balancing Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, work and family. He loves it. He always shows up in a good mood and excited get on the mat. You can even catch him standing on the sidelines observing and learning as he waits for his class. ....

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  • When is the last time you woke up excited for your day?

    When is the last time you woke up excited for your day?

    When is the last time you woke up excited for your day?
    I mean, really excited, like the sun is not up yet and you’re jumping out of your bed because you can’t wait to do what you have planned to do today. Not because you have to or should but just because you really want to live your day - excited. I used to think that the grind was a necessity and that misery was the only way to grow. Happy and present is what I’ll feel when I’ve achieved and reached what I’ve set to accomplish for the day, the week, the month, the year. Boy was I wrong!The race never ends! Our nature is to want to grow. It’s natural for our minds to look for the next step on the ....

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  • Confidence Building School Workshops

    Confidence Building School Workshops

    Martial arts is our passion and we believe that it is truly a great vessel to help children learn valuable life skills. Low confidence and the issues that arise from it are a top concern for so many children in today's schools.
    We are constantly hearing about bullying, social issues, peer pressures - and although overcoming these challenges is a great undertaking, we know that the solution always starts from within. It starts with self worth, empowerment, and respect, all of which are intrinsically taught through martial arts. Every journey starts with a single step. If we can spark a little light inside each child and empower them to know that they have a voice, and that that voice ....

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  • Student of the Month - Mahélie Lefèbvre

    Student of the Month - Mahélie Lefèbvre

    Mahélie n'a que 7 ans et approche déjà son 3e anniversaire en arts martiaux! Voila presque la moitié de sa vie!
    From her early start, Mahélie has shown commitment, consistency and a strong willingness to learn. She is kind and empathetic, and helps others feel comfortable and accepted. Keep smiling & working hard, Mahélie - you have tremendous potential and we are grateful to be a part of your growth! ....

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  • 100MA heads to Austria! Teaching Tour 2019

    100MA heads to Austria! Teaching Tour 2019

    100MA founder Shihan Bill Gatchell and school owners Shihan Steve Lyrette and Renshi Melhem Wehbe are gearing up for another exciting teaching tour in Austria this March.
    The team heads down on March 10, will spend 5 days travelling and teaching seminars at various dojos, sharing their passion, knowledge and insight. The week's events all lead to the 16th Annual Jiu Jitsu United Event held in Pressbaum, Austria, a massive annual international training camp during which the team will be guest instructing alongside an impressive panel of world class martial artists. The crew will wrap up their adventure with a couple days of well deserved rest & sight seeing in the beautiful city ....

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  • Committed Kickboxer - Frederic Tanguay

    Committed Kickboxer - Frederic Tanguay

    Meet February's Student of the Month Frederic Tanguay.
    Frederic is member #4 of the Tanguay clan to walk onto the mats. Firstly - thank you for your family's support, you all have been so great to work with. Frederic has recently stepped up his dedication to being active and this month's recognition is all about that. He shows up with a smile, pushes hard and is receptive to feedback - all characteristics that show eagerness to learn and willingness to improve! Frederic, continues de pousser tes limites - le monde est à toi! ....

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