Who are Your Kids Emulating?

We learn by emulating. That's why they say that you can know someone by the people they surround themselves with. 

This is even more true for kids. They're like sponges for all the information that comes through their senses. Especially up until age 7, when they haven't fully developed their reasoning skills yet and have no way to filter the bad from the good information. So they take it all in, they internalize it and through repetitive exposure, eventually they become what they see and hear everyday.

So let's ask ourselves - who are our kids spending the most time with? Who's actions are they imitating? Who's values are they internalizing? 

Obviously parents and siblings have a significant contribution. It's in our best interest to be the person we want our kids to be because there is no way out of this. 

But what about the daycare provider? The school teacher? The friends? What about the coaches who spend so much time being a model to your kids, teaching them about something they love? Do they share your values?

Food for thought!

Renshi Melhem Wehbé

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