Are You Living Intentionally?

Here is a thought for this new year: How much time are you wasting on things that don't mean anything to you and keep you away from the meaningful experiences?

This is a major question for us at home right now. We live a more or less simple life but this question made us realize how much time and energy we're still wasting on things that don't add value to our lives. And so in the last few months, we've been making an effort to live intentionally. Minimize the waste and the unwanted and really align our wants with our needs.

Easier said than done, it takes focus and patience because status quo is so much easier. This is not the first time we've attempted this but so far this time we're sticking to it.

It turns out there is a formula to this that makes the process easier. It goes far beyond the seasonal decluttering. Although decluttering is important because it creates some free space, both physical and mental, which allows you to be creative and do things that you wouldn't have thought of doing in a cluttered space.

The ultimate goal is learning to say no to things you don't need or value in your life right now so you can say yes to the things you want!

As Paul Chek says: "Your "yes" has no value until you learn to say no!" That makes sense, total sense!

But the struggle is that most of us don't know what it is we want/value most right now and so we don't know what to say no to.

As a person, as a family, as a business we need a set of values that help us make decisions and choices. Core values are like a compass helping us find our way through life. We all act and behave based on values, wether we know it or not. They are part of who we are as a person/family/business. They help us live intentionally and filter through the things we don't want so we can find the little gems that we've been looking for.

Imagine, if your values were intentional and you were very clear about what they were. How much easier would it be to say no to something that doesn’t match and dive guilt-free into everything you love?! That’s the dream anyways ;)

So let me end with this: are you living intentionally? Are you clear on your values? Are you living the life you want to live?

Renshi Melhem Wehbe

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