You Attract What You Are

Have you ever noticed that what you see in the world around you changes based on how you feel in the moment? Like when you’re feeling off, when you’re feeling down, everything you see seems to match what is going on within you?  And when you’re happy, and you're feeling good, more good seems to be going on around you?

There is a simple reason for that (however not that simple to explain): we’re all vibrational beings.

Our thoughts and emotions are like a thermostat for how low or how high the frequency we’re vibrating at is. When we’re feeling joy and happiness, we vibrate at a higher level, and when we’re feeling anger and sadness, we vibrate at a lower level.

Think of our bodies as antennas, tuned in to receive and broadcast things at the exact vibration we’re operating at.

It’s like having goggles on that filter in and out only the information that matches what you are feeling.  

In other words, if you’re feeling happy, you will tend to attract happy things (or at least have the ability to filter out the negative things), be nicer to yourself and others and see a rainy day as an opportunity to grow.

If your feelings are on the negative side, however, you will tend to attract negative things and you'll find yourself filtering out the positive things happening all around you. You’ll be harder on yourself and hence appear grumpy to others. From this place, a rainy day is a reminder of all the reasons for which your life is not going right.

One of the best habits I’ve learned in studying this is to check in with myself throughout the day:

  1. How do I feel right now?
  2. What am I going to do today that’s going to make me feel good?
  3. What can I do right now to improve how I feel?

Over time, I am noticing that the good days happen more frequently and the bad days are fewer and farther between.

On that note - go out and do something that raises your vibration (like, you know, coming to the dojo, for example! 😆).

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