Attendance Challenge Winners!

Last month we held a friendly competition to challenge members to tackle as many classes as they could in 30 days. Both winners showed tremendous dedication & passion, ending the blitz with an impressive 27 & 28 classes! The instructors had so many good things to say about these two - well deserved guys!


Greg Francis


"Greg is an excellent student! He is always eager to learn, respectful and willing to train with anyone. He is a pleasure to teach and always leaves with a smile."


"Greg is the definition of a hard worker. He rarely misses class and when he does he makes up for it. As much as Greg is physically strong, he can also be technical and delicate with smaller less experienced individuals which makes him the ideal uke (partner) to train with. Greg shows great attention to detail while practicing techniques in Jiu-Jitsu and shows true grit in BJJ as I’ve seen him endure and fight his way out of tons of submission attempts. With the consistance and focus he has been showing in his training lately, we’re expecting great things from Greg in the near future. Great stuff Greg!"


Teagan Ritchie, 12 years old


"Teagan always comes in with a positive attitude and eager to learn. She makes friends with just about everyone she comes in contact with. She is respectful and always tries her best. She strives for perfection, asks questions when she doesn't understand something and never passes up an opportunity to help out or grapple with the boys."


"I can tell right away when watching Teagan train that she is driven by more than just stripes and belts… She understands that it’s about getting better every day no matter how big or small the gains are. Her passion for martial arts is apparent, she has willingness to help others in class and shows patience and benevolence which is quite rare in someone her age. In the last couple months I’ve learned to know Teagan a little more as she has been training regularly in my BJJ classes. Her perseverance and courage in facing grown men in grappling battles is inspiring and others her age are starting to join her for class. I guess we could say she is a silent leader, as she leads by her actions rather than by her words. Good job Teagan!"


and lastly we thought we’d share this little piece from Teagan's mom... :)


"Well I am obviously mom.... LOL but Teagan loves the dojo. She has matured so much since starting. The dojo is a little slice of heaven for her. It is her outlet when times are rough else where. She aspires to earn her black belt, and wants to be the next 100MA employee haha. She loves teaching little ninjas and helping out when needed. She even cleans the dojo, and LOVES feeling a part of the team. She is competitive and when given a challenge like the attendance challenge will go after it with everything she has."

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