Student of the Month - Bravo Audrey!

Audrey Lortie, 8 years old


This young lady came to us way back in 2013 as a vibrant and playful 4 year old.


Five years later and still going strong, Audrey sports that same silliness, now with just a little more confidence, a little more discipline and a whole lot more focus!


Audrey is being recognized not only for her entire journey but also for really diving in over the last few months, maturing as a martial artist and taking her training more seriously. She is friendly, fun, flexible, motivated, and shows willingness to truly understand what she learns.


Audrey - les qualités que tu développes et ton attitude joviale font de toi un plaisirs à avoir parmis nous! Tu es super bien partie pour une vie remplie de bonheur et de succès!

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