Do You Feel Tired and Overwhelmed?

Why is it that on some days we feel like we're losing at the game of life and on others, regardless of what’s happening, we feel like winners? 

At the end of the day it’s all relative to our mindset and how we perceive the things that are happening around us. Say it's been one of those mornings where you've had to mentally kick yourself out of bed. Then, in the five steps you took to get to the bathroom, you managed to bump your toe on the door frame and step on a dirty diaper, only to realize you forgot to buy toilet paper - the one thing you had gone to the store for the night before. (Yes, this has definitely happened to me).

Are you able to take a step back and laugh about the whole thing? Or do you feel frustrated and tired because nothing is going your way? That you really didn’t need this right now because you just wanted a few minutes for yourself this morning, and now you're having to do a toilet paper run before the rest of the family wakes up?

Whatever feeling you hold onto in this moment is likely to bring on more of the same for the rest of the day.

This is why, regardless of what's happening - good or bad, we can have the best or the worst day ever.  It rarely has anything to do with what’s happening but everything with how we look at it.

I struggle with this.  I’m analytical by nature and so I tend to always look at what needs to be fixed instead of what’s already working right.  I’ve learned to be aware of the mental process going on in my head and keep it in check with different mental exercises. What I find helps me the most, though, is creating an environment that allows me to look forward to my day.

Training martial arts is something I always looked forward to. Showing up to my first class was the one decision that has had the most impact in my life to this day.  I’ve grown both physically and mentally. I’ve been in my best physical shape since I started.  It has taught me to take care of my body and my mind. I’ve made some of my longest lasting friendships and met my wife thanks to the dojo. 

But the best of all is that it inspires me! I’m always energized after training.  I get that feeling that nothing is impossible and that everything is going to be okay. It renews my sense of purpose and excitement for life.

Lucky for me - even on days that I am not able to train, I get to teach others and share all of that with other people.

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