The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Here’s a picture of Theo with the recent addition to the family Joëlle, born on September 24th, 2017.

My son Theo is at the age now where he wants to do everything mommy and daddy do. He wants to eat with a fork, not just a grown up fork but the fork daddy has in his hands. He wants to breastfeed his little sister just like his mommy. He emulates everything we do and say.

He wakes up every morning kicking and punching (me). I wonder where he got that from?

He’ll spontaneously pop a squat or drop down into his version of a push up followed by a ninja roll because he sees me walking in the house and assumes I just came back from the dojo. He can’t wait to be on the mat and train and that’s because this is what he is exposed to.

That got me thinking. Our kids want to be like us. We are their heroes and good or bad they’ll mimmic everything we do. That’s why the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ;).

The point is that kids who

• develop good habits 
• learn to take care of themselves
• are confident and humble
• are assertive and caring
• walk tall and are proud

all have one thing in common: their parents and environment have shown them the way. It’s unrealistic to expect to be the perfect example in every area of our lives but we can show that we care about growing. We can show them what we aspire to be and we can teach them to want to be better.  

In the spirit of this idea, we are currently offering free one-week trials to the parents of all our students. Take advantage of this, you might just surprise yourself and find out that you like kicking.



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