“How do I tie my belt?”

This is by far the most common question we get from beginners. I could spend an entire class on how to tie your belt, going through all the variations, but at the end: does it really matter?

In Jiu Jitsu, your aim is to learn about your body, to learn how to move, to learn to throw, submit and defend yourself from your opponent, to have better break falls, become a better partner and so much more.

In a practical sense, the belt is only there to hold your gi in place and show your rank - it doesn't do much else.

Except that in other ways, it can. The way you look and feel in your gi can say a lot about how you approach your training and everything else in your life. If you treat your uniform and how you wear your belt with respect, you’ll exhume a confidence that shows through your training, much like caring for yourself in life helps you build confidence and self worth.

So in light of that, we’ve finally put together a very simple how-to-tie-your-belt video tutorial.


How to Tie your Belt from 100% Martial Arts & Fitness (E) on Vimeo.

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