A Better Way to Fight With Your Kids


With the increasing demands of two working parents, high-cost childcare and our generations incredible amount of isolation as parents, sometimes, a shouting match with your kid (or anyone for that matter) seems like the only solution to the heaviness of responsibility. We are all guilty of mimicking our toddlers with those dreaded grown up temper tantrums and paying the fine price of our actions with the guilt and shame with comes thereafter.

Many emotional psychologists claim the importance of “releasing emotions” and “letting go”. Sometimes, this release can be achieved through an evening of weeping over a carton of Ben n’ Jerry’s or an explosion of rage to the undeserving passersby. Recently, in downtown Toronto, a “Rage Room” was opened, where everyday folks could go and let go of their deeply repressed emotions, mirroring the tactic of some therapists to provide mattresses for their angst-ridden clients to explode their emotions upon.

After decades of practicing, teaching and coaching martial arts and self-defence to everyone from police officers, to youth, women and mens’ groups and ultimately to families, our team at 100% Martial Arts has seen countless anecdotal examples of people arriving from all walks of life use martial arts as a tool to overcome, express and unleash emotions in what we believe is the most safe, sustainable and empowering manner possible.

We have observed a decrease in bullying in our communities of fighters by increasing self-confidence, discipline, self-control of aggressive behaviour and communication skills in youth.

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