Martial Arts as Medicine

Martial Arts offers incredible benefits for the mind, body and the spirit. While many people first visit the Dojo in search of intense physical training, ultimately, a continued practice gives martial artists far more than just a strong and lean body. An integrated martial arts practice can serve as a holistic medicine for ailments of the body, mind and spirit. Martial arts is a medicine in its own right – here is why.


Exercise can mobilize your white blood cells that protect your body against infection. The practice can stimulate circulation, improve cardiac functionality and detoxify your body – all of which will boost your immunity. Regular moderate movement, as practiced through many martial arts drills, can dramatically reduce the risk of colds, flus and other immune disease.


Replace your wine with time in the Dojo and your stress will melt away faster than your hangover will. Many people choose to destress from a long, tough day with vices like alcohol, television or video games, which serve to only further weaken the immune system and can increase stress in the long run. Martial arts practice, including breathing exercises, allow tools, time and space to move through feelings of stress, release energetic blockages and find a well-deserved peace of mind.


By working your body out with consistent practice and setting a regular time to explore martial arts each day, your body will realign its internal clock and hopefully exhaust itself into the deepest of sleep each evening. These exercise inspired deep periods of rest each night will help regulate your immune function and act as a natural sleep aid.


Your body is strong and resilient, and a regular movement practice like martial arts can help stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Rather than getting sick every time someone in your office has a cold, you will become stronger, fiercer and more resilient against infection.


Perhaps the best medicine of all provided by our martial arts training is the self-love and confidence that comes along with a regular practice. After just a few weeks of training, students often experience an improved functioning of both the brain and the body. A major component of martial arts training is mind training – learning how to improve concentration, focus and purpose. This emotional shift can create waves of self-esteem in the lives of students.

It is inevitable that a consistent martial arts practice will improve the body’s tissues, organs and overall functionality. This practice can create community, confidence and resilience while amplifying the physical strength and leanness of the martial artists body. Next time you reach for your Advil or glass of wine, why not visit us at 100% Martial Arts instead?

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