Martial Arts for Every Stage of Life

Despite popular belief, martial arts is not just for the young and able. Rather, this ancient practice can serve as a powerful tool to enhance your physical, energetic and emotional well-being at various stages of life. Here at 100% Martial Arts, we see students from all ages, backgrounds and experiences benefiting from a regular martial arts practice. Whether you are new to the practice, a seasoned veteran who has fallen off the bandwagon or new mom looking to regain confidence and tone, martial arts just might be the solution for you. Here are our top five stages of life where martial arts can transform and inspire you.


You are never to young to reap the benefits of a martial arts practice. In fact, martial arts is celebrated internationally for training kids of all ages. Not only does this practice teach youth powerful skills like discipline and respect, but it makes kids bully proof, increases confidence and creates a community of self-respecting friends.


Rather than calling for the therapist, many teenagers and their parents are sending their kids to the dojo instead. Martial arts is a ancient discipline known for improving politeness, respect and even eye contact in its students. The imprint of this practice on your teenagers’ every day life will be unfathomable, both in their physical fitness and their emotional stability.


Bills, buying homes and building families is and always will be a stressful phase of life. Martial arts is a tried and true tool for managing high levels of stress especially in these times of adulting. A consistent practice teaches adults how to control their reactions and how to manage their many responsibilities while naturally increasing their immunity each time they hit the dojo.


Pregnancy and childbirth affect your body, energy and mind long after you give birth. Many moms have turned to martial arts on their journey into their new body, with dynamic goals to lose weight, tone their body or relax their mind, and just weeks of practice have moms agreeing that martial arts is an incredible post-pregnancy tool.


Martial arts does not have to stop with age. Retired baby boomers are hitting the dojo for everything from advanced classes like kung fu and karate to quieter forms of martial arts that are more focused on mind training like tai chi. Other boomers embrace retirement by returning to their martial arts practice that they explored in the earlier life phases to help manage anything from pain to an empty nest.

Martial arts is a worldwide practice that does not discriminate based on age, stage or experience. The art itself is known to transform and inspire lives whatever those lives may look like. Are you ready to incorporate a martial arts practice into your stage of life? Contact our team at [email protected] to learn more about this amazing practice.

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