Active Parent = Active Children

As summer officially comes to a close, we catch ourselves taking a step back and reflecting on ourselves. We all know the saying “lead by example”, but as parents, are we doing this to fullest?

Most times, we assume that children are going to naturally be active. They will run around or play with their friends… we must not need to encourage this behavior. False. As a parent, you have a HUGE impact on how active or not active your child is.

Parents who skip their own exercise routine may actually be unintentionally raising a less active child. Crazy right?

According to research, most parents don’t exercise enough. Only about half are exercising the amount they should once a week. However, studies also show that the kids and parents were active at the same times throughout the day – coincidence? Not really.

Parents of kids who are more active will impact the levels of movement in their children. Learn to set aside your own regimen and stray away from the TV time. Get active together – kid and parent – and become an active family together.

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