5 Reasons to Become a Blackbelt

Martial arts is a physically, mental and spiritual exercise that requires concentration and motivation. However, there are rewards that are achieved through this hard work. One of which is passing the black belt test. The highest color belt awarded in many martial arts grading systems, earning your black belt will be transformative and rewarding

1.You Call the Shots

Sure, you have an instructor to teach you the moves and techniques of how to become a martial artist, but no one can act upon them but yourself. You, yourself, make the decision to show up and attend the classes. You, yourself, have the power to put forth the effort. You make the practice something to work for yourself. The responsibility for your advancement, or lack thereof, rests alone on your shoulders.

2.Think Long Term

Whether it’s your first day of practice, or you’ve been doing this for years, you have to stick with it to see the results down the line. Although we’d like to achieve this goal as short as one month, the road to achieving your black belt is one that could take several years, requiring commitment and consistency. You will get there by keeping your body healthy through proper nutrition, rest and hard work over time.

3.It’s Not Just About the Belt

When we begin anything, we are not thinking about one simple prize, but rather, the many positive things we will gain along the journey. The belt that you earn becomes the physical symbol of the discipline, physical and mental challenges, confidence, respect and other life skills that make you into a different person, of which you weren’t before.

4.Respect the Mentors

The people along the way not only transform your mind and body, but they give you a new understanding of respect. The coaches, whom you invest your trust and practice in, give you their full and undivided attention, helping you reach your greatest potential. Give them the commitment and determination right back.

5.There is SO Much More to Come

Earning your black belt is a major achievement in the martial arts world. However, the growth you gain through the process is only the start to the many more achievements you will make physically, mentally and spiritually. Continue to learn, continue to grow and continue to become the best version of yourself.

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