The holidays bring so much cheer, joy and good times. However, it can also bring back-to-back plans filled with stress and an overwhelming sense of rushing through. Sometimes plans change. Sometimes things fall through. That holiday party you were looking forward to going to was cancelled. Your family dinner was interrupted. Being willing to adapt as situations arise can make not only this holiday more enjoyable, but the future times to come.

Versatility is your ability to adapt. It is your willingness to be flexible and versatile. Of course, our level can depend on what is going on around us. For example, we might be more flexible to change plans for something we really had no desire to do. On the other hand, we tend to push back on change a little more when things don’t go our way.

Flexibility is full of tolerance and positiveness. We learn to accept what is happening and that it is out of our control. We choose to turn the negative into a positive and make the best out of the given situation. The fact of the matter is, it’s going to happen how it did no matter the way we react to it. Being flexible shows respect and resilience to others, ourselves and the situation at hand.

Our bodies react well to flexibility. We all have heard the importance of stretching our muscles before and after a workout. This time, learn to stretch your mind to not just your desires, but to be flexible to others and the circumstances around you.

Martial arts can help in both these areas, both physically and mentally, with building the adaptability, versatility and flexibility. Through practice in the gym and repetitive actions in our daily lives, it will come easier with time. Be flexible.

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