Repetition is Not Enough

Too many times we hear things like "practice makes perfect" or "repetition is the key to learning", "drills build skills". As coaches, leaders or high performers, whatever your field is, those idioms are part of everyday lingo.

We live by them, attribute our success to them and then make it a non negotiable for others who follow to achieve mastery or success. But even though the message we're trying to share is truth, it tends to be lost in translation and misinterpreted. The mere fact of repeating a task or a drill several times will not necessarily make you better at it. You can't just show up and mindlessly go through the motions and expect to be better for it after 10,000 hours.

- Repetition, (a lot of them and over a long period of time!) is but one key component of the whole equation.

- Practicing with the intention of improving on every iteration is as important, if not more.

That requires 3 things:

1. Mindfulness and focus in your practice. BE THERE!

2. A way to measure your performance so you can improve on the next iteration.

3. Having guides, teachers, experts that can constructively criticize your performance and help you on your quest to mastery.

So next time you show up to practice. Free your mind from distractions, listen to the instructions and the cues. Don't assume you know but watch and listen carefully because you might see something you never did before. Be relentless in your pursuit for improvement.

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