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  • Frédérick Dubois - Brave, Positive & Eager to Learn!

    Frédérick Dubois - Brave, Positive & Eager to Learn!

    This brave young boy recently overcame his fears and earned his spot in the intermediate group and we are so proud of his progress!
    He is a hungry learner and shows up with focus and intent. He makes an effort to connect with the people he meets and leaves a positive trace wherever he goes. Frederick - tu commences super bien ton aventure en arts martiaux. Gardes ton enthousiasme et ta soif de t'améliorer et tu trouveras toujours moyen d'accomplir tes objectifs dans la vie! ....

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  • Passion - Martial Arts, Life & Choosing the Road Less Travelled

    Passion - Martial Arts, Life & Choosing the Road Less Travelled

    This is what passion means to us:

    We love martial arts. We love doing it, training it, watching it, talking about it, thinking about it.
    We love how it’s helped us and shaped us but most of all we love sharing it and inspiring others. And we strive to ignite that passion in the people we share it with so that one day roles are reversed and we are learning from and being inspired by them. The world around us is built in a way that encourages conformity, that celebrates us if we fit ourselves into a box that is defined by what other people think we should be. We all do it. We lay out our own expectations of how everyone else should be and we in turn succumb to the pressure of ....

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  • Friends & Family Week

    Friends & Family Week

    Each season we open one week of classes to friends & family with the intention of providing an opportunity for us all to share what we do & love with those who need it.

    Do you know anyone who loves a good challenge & is always up for an adventure? Who enjoys being active but seeks purpose behind it? Invite them to join you in class for a week - at the very least it'll be a fun evening for you both and that is okay, too! Why should you bring a friend?
    Extra fun drills, challenges & partner games Pair up with your friend & help them feel at ease (we've all been there!) Enjoy a good laugh and have some fun! Help us connect with others who ....

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  • Student of the Month - Michelle Leclair

    Student of the Month - Michelle Leclair

    Meet Michelle - mom of 2 and Kickboxing addict!
    She is super driven, goal oriented and an awesome student. Always trying to learn and improve, Michelle is steady in her training and so passionate we think she might even be practicing it in her sleep (haha!). She's been working so hard and has just recently earned her bronze certification. We know that with a mindset like hers, her journey in this art will be meaningful and so rewarding. Michelle - prends bien soin de ce feu qui brule en toi et de cette soif de t'améliorer. Tu as tellement depotentiel! ....

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  • Gift Certificates for Martial Arts Lessons

    Gift Certificates for Martial Arts Lessons

    Give an experience that will bring passion, confidence, and empowerment to someone you care about.
    Gift certificates for martial arts lessons are available all throughout December!
    For pricing details, please fill out the form on the right hand side and the information will be sent to your inbox shortly!

    Available Options:

    For the Adventurous
    The Dive-Right-In Package
    6 Months of Access to Classes
    Full Uniform with Belt
    BONUS Free T-Shirt
    For the Explorer
    The Ease Your Way In Package
    6 Weeks of Access to Classes
    Free T-Shirt
    For the Cautious
    The Dip Your Toes Package
    1 Week of Access to Classes
    Free T-Shirt
    For the ....

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  • Martial Arts & Personal Growth: Understanding Violence

    Martial Arts & Personal Growth: Understanding Violence

    One thing I often get asked by parents wanting to sign up their kids in our kids Jiu Jitsu program is whether or not it’s going to teach them some kind of self control. Often, even if they’ve heard about the benefits, they have some kind of doubt about enrolling their kids in something that will teach them to kick and punch and throw and grapple.

    The fear is that it will promote violent behaviour in their kid.
    It’s always been hard for me to answer that question. Although martial arts has helped me in many ways, I am not someone that leans towards violence in general and have never been, hence, I have never needed to control that in myself. It was self evident to me that ....

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  • Meet Future Black Belt - Xavier Richard

    Meet Future Black Belt - Xavier Richard

    It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years already since Xavier started his journey in Jiu Jitsu as a Little Ninja.
    He has always flown under the radar but his dedication and perseverance has definitely paid off. He has challenged himself as a member of the demo team, and is pushing hard & growing fast in his last stretch before he earns his Junior Black Belt. Xavier - we can see that this goal has sparked a new energy in you. We're so happy of the improvement and progress you have shown in these last few months. Way to go Xavier!! ....

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  • 100% Scholarship Recipient - Tristan Turpin

    100% Scholarship Recipient - Tristan Turpin

    Meet our very first 100% Scholarship recipient TristanTurpin!
    From hockey to soccer and now martial arts, Tristan has always prioritized movement in his life. He is excited for this new beginning and for all the potential it holds for him. In a time like young adulthood, where life can present its fair set of challenges, martial arts can provide direction, build confidence, and offer a safe space to grown in. Tristan - we absolutely love the energy & drive you bring to the dojo. You are keen to learn and improve and although this is but the beginning for you, the road ahead is promising! ....

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  • Student of the Month - Sensei Natacha Gour

    Student of the Month - Sensei Natacha Gour

    We are so happy to extend this shoutout to Sensei Natacha Gour this month. This mama of 3 is SO dedicated to being the very best that she can be.
    She consistently shows up eager to learn and ready to improve and truly embodies everything we stand for. She is positive, encouraging and humble, and we are so grateful to have her on our team. The sky is the limit for this inspiring woman! ....

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  • Repetition is Not Enough

    Repetition is Not Enough

    Too many times we hear things like "practice makes perfect" or "repetition is the key to learning", "drills build skills". As coaches, leaders or high performers, whatever your field is, those idioms are part of everyday lingo.
    We live by them, attribute our success to them and then make it a non negotiable for others who follow to achieve mastery or success. But even though the message we're trying to share is truth, it tends to be lost in translation and misinterpreted. The mere fact of repeating a task or a drill several times will not necessarily make you better at it. You can't just show up and mindlessly go through the motions and expect to be better for it after 10,000 hours. - ....

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