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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Meet the Yull Family - Aspiring Martial Artists & Friends to All

    Meet the Yull Family - Aspiring Martial Artists & Friends to All

    Students of the Month - September 2018

    Jiu Jitsu , Kickboxing, Kick Fit - name it this family does it! Little Ben was the first to take the plunge in 2016 - young, energetic and always looking for trouble! 😝 Ben has come a long way and is showing much better listening skills and focus! Bravo! Big sister Maëlle quickly followed suit and also jumped into the kids program. She is helpful, friendly and super supportive with her peers and much like her momma sports a constant smile. Both Mom and Dad show perseverance and a true willingness to learn. Jason, Katrina, Ben & Maëlle, we are so happy that you are a part of this community. You all are rocking this journey! "A ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Student of the Month - Donna Bérubé

    Student of the Month - Donna Bérubé

    Meet Donna - student since 2015 and mama of 2 black belts and staff members, Brya and Baylee. Donna's always sporting the brightest of smiles and shows amazing dedication to this time she cuts out for herself.
    A seasoned kickboxer, Donna's just recently stepped out of her comfort zone and started training Jiu Jitsu. She even earned her first belt promotion and has plans to finally tackle her Kickboxing bronze certification with her daughter.We couldn't be more proud of her! Donna, everyone raves about working with you and loves your positive energy and attention to detail. We are so grateful that our paths have crossed and are so excited to see your family gaining its third black belt one ....

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  • Career Opportunities


    We are seeking A-Players who embody our core values. A-players are people who are committed to excellence in all that they do. They can get a job anywhere, but they take the time to research the companies they’re considering working for and they go the extra mile in searching for the right position because they’re looking for more than a job… they’re looking for a long-term career opportunity that feels right to them and that is in line with their dreams. They are looking to be part of a team where they can make a positive impact on the world through the work that they do WHILE being challenged to grow and become better people. If ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Attendance Challenge Winners!

    Attendance Challenge Winners!

    Last month we held a friendly competition to challenge members to tackle as many classes as they could in 30 days. Both winners showed tremendous dedication & passion, ending the blitz with an impressive 27 & 28 classes! The instructors had so many good things to say about these two - well deserved guys!

    Greg Francis

    "Greg is an excellent student! He is always eager to learn, respectful and willing to train with anyone. He is a pleasure to teach and always leaves with a smile." "Greg is the definition of a hard worker. He rarely misses class and when he does he makes up for it. As much as Greg is physically strong, he can also be technical and delicate with smaller ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - A Mindset for Growth

    A Mindset for Growth

    From the day we’re born we get labeled by people in our surroundings. “Oh she’s so cute, she’s going to be beautiful, just like her mom!”. “Oh wow! Already counting! What a smart boy!”.
    Our actions, looks, and mood in one particular moment can define how people see us, label us, and talk about us for a very long time. If you’re a rebel by nature, you’ll probably say: "who cares about what people think and say about me, it doesn’t matter" and I agree. Except that, when you’re 5 years old, you are learning to perceive yourself and the world around you from the adults in your life. So that comment your aunt made ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Meet Black Belt Brothers Pier Olivier & Mark-Antoine

    Meet Black Belt Brothers Pier Olivier & Mark-Antoine

    This pair of brothers have been deserving of this mention since the day they started training! In 2012, Pier-Olivier and Mark-André came to us as students in Police Foundations looking to learn a skill that would help shape their careers in the protective services.
    Both have been impressively consistent, always engaged and very dedicated to their training - each driving an hour from opposite ways to meet for class (crazy, right?!). As white belts, they were excited, eager, and humble and as black belts today it is amazing to see that these things have not waivered in them. They are constantly looking to grow and improve and that is something we truly love to see! Pier-Olivier ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - The Plan/Do/Check/Act Cycle in Martial Arts & in Life

    The Plan/Do/Check/Act Cycle in Martial Arts & in Life

    Do you ever stop to look at the world around you and wonder where you're going? What you're doing? What is the point? I do - all the time, maybe too much. I'm not sure if that's always been the case or if it came as I got wiser but one thing I do know is that living the martial arts lifestyle has sharpened that ability, that skill. I call it a skill because it basically reflects how we learn and how we grow, whether we do it consciously or not. It's the Plan/Do/Check/Act & Repeat
    cycle. For example, in Jiu Jitsu, an instructor will teach you a drill to practice or maybe you're looking to land a specific technique in your free sparring session. This is your plan.

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Kids Student of the Month - Juliette!

    Kids Student of the Month - Juliette!

    At the young age of 6, this vibrant girl followed her black belt mom's foot steps and joined the 100% family.
    Juliette brings a positive attitude to the mat, brightens the room with her smile and always shows respect. She's eager to learn and a pleasure to teach! The dojo is home to Juliette - in fact the staff has unofficially adopted her as their little helper! Recently, Juliette joined the demo team - an accomplishment that she is very proud of and that has helped her gain focus and dedication in her training. Juliette we love being a part of your journey and know you will make a great instructor one day - just like Mom! ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Kick Into Summer Special

    Kick Into Summer Special

    Curious about martial arts but afraid of feeling intimidated? Getting injured? You want to stay fit but you struggle with motivation?
    Get a taste of safe martial arts & fitness programs designed to keep you excited and always thirsty for more Feel supported by enthusiastic instructors that are here to help you every step of the way Join a friendly community that empowers you to push the limits of your comfort zone and watch your life transform Feel good about yourself, gain focus and self confidence, and re-ignite your passion for life! Registration ends on May 31: 3 Months Training (Jun-Jul-Aug) + FREE gear for only $399+tax! Available for Kids & Adults. ....

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  •  in Ottawa - 100% Martial Arts & Fitness - Learning to Let Go

    Learning to Let Go

    Learning to Let Go
    I read an article once about how various cultures perceive time differently and it just changed my life for ever (light bulb moment). In North America for example, time is linear, meaning when you make an appointment for 5pm, it means 5pm on the clock. In a Middle Eastern country, time is cyclical, meaning an appointment at 5pm means anytime after I finish work and before dinner (who knows when that is?!).For North Americans time is money hence their focus on deadlines and punctuality. For Middle Easterns, doing the job right and maintaining harmony is more important than being on time. Ta Da!! Years of frustrations dealing with both cultures explained in one ....

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